Broken, deformed or loose inserts?  

If the broken part of your appliance hurts and can be removed, please do so. 

If you remove any part of the device, such as a plate, tube or wire etc., do not throw it away. Keep it and bring it to your next visit.

The most irritating parts of the appliances can be covered with wax to temporarily relieve the irritation. Cover the irritating part with the wax we gave you at the start of treatment. Other soft materials such as a small ball of cotton wool, cotton wool, and even wax or silicone ear plugs (available from any chemist) can be used to help out.

Stinging wire: if a deformed piece of wire stings your cheek or gums and wax doesn't help, you can try to push the wire back in place with tweezers. As a last resort, the irritating part of the wire can be cut off with a nail clipper or small pair of wire cutters. Use good lighting to see what you are doing.

Note that loose brackets and other appliance breakages do not always need to be repaired immediately if they do not cause discomfort. 

If your retainer (splint glued behind your teeth) is broken or loose, let us know. 

If you are abroad, an orthodontist or dentist should be able to help you out. Do not have the appliances repaired, but only remove the damaged or irritating parts to relieve your discomfort. If no dentist is available, the staff of a medical emergency room should also be able to help you.

Problems with my nigh retainer

Please contact the team to see what needs to be done.

An emergency?

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